Omaha, NE
You're invited. (See event on Facebook.)

Please join Nyok Kuoiloi on March 10th at the Loves Jazz and Arts Center, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. 

(See Below List of Sponsors)

Special thanks to Nyok's supporters and event sponsors.
Preston Love Jr
Ben Gray
Maurice Jones
Sharif Liwaru
Tut Keat
James Ladu
Hassan Omar
Chidi I Aloziem
Brenda Council
Roger Garcia
Korey Taylor
Marjorie & Scott Shriver
Matt Allen
Francis Jor
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Nyok Kuoiloi is an experienced advocate, activist, and youth mentor, has work as an AmeriCorps Vista fighting to free low income families from the chain of poverty through education and healthcare services for underserved and marginalized communities.


Nyok Kuoiloi is a curious millennial, emerging leader and a believer in multiculturalism. He is a former refugee from Sudan. Nyok was raised by a...

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Omaha, NE