Papillion, Nebraska 68046
When?: September 23, 2018 

Where?: Cali Commons 518 N 40th Street Omaha NE 68131
What Time?: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Cost?: $35 per person
Description Of Class:

This class is specifically designed for Artists on the basics of how to market your art. Good marketing techniques increases your chance for sales, which means more money for you! This workshop will go over marketing techniques artists can utilize to help increase sales, and get your art seen by potential customers. Some items discussed in this class includes:
  • Online Marketing
    • Free, Paid, and Social
  • Offline Marketing
    • Community, Network, and Events
  • Hybrid Marketing
    • Works wherever you are!
Reference materials will be provided. Be prepared to learn and take notes!

After the main presentation, time will be allotted to show real time examples, and to answer any questions you may have.

*Disclaimer* (Because We’re Not Genie’s – Though we wish we were…)

We are NOT lawyers, accountants, or attorneys! If you have any legal or accounting questions, please see the appropriate certified entity! We ARE however, business owners, and have done what we will be showing you OURSELVES. The material provided is for informational purposes, and we are not responsible for nor can we guarantee results.

Papillion, Nebraska 68046