Papillion, Nebraska 68046
Are you a business owner who utilizes freelancers in the technology field? (i.e. hire web designers, programmers, graphic designers, software developers, etc...)


Are you a woman in the technology field? (i.e. freelancers, web designers, graphic designers, programmers, etc...)

My name is Lara Mohammed, and I'm working on a project that would connect local women freelancers/entrepreneurs in the technology field (example: web designers, programmers, software designers, graphic designers, digital marketing, etc....) with local businesses who are looking to hire them to complete tech related projects.
I'm working on product validation survey's to see if this is something women freelancers & business owners would want and utilize. I would appreciate any feedback you may have via the survey(s) below! And If you know anyone who would benefit from this project, I would appreciate any help to pass the word along! You can fill out whichever one is applicable to you, or if they both apply, you can fill out both! 
(Survey For Women in the technology field / Freelancers)
(Survey for Business owners who currently or would utilize freelancers)
With many thanks, 

Lara Mohammed

PS: You can also email me for more information, or feedback at: (include the word email)
Papillion, Nebraska 68046