518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
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I'm an extremely cynical man, grumpy some may say. I went into Laughing With Molly with a full-hearted skepticism that I'd enjoy it, let alone feel any relief. The truth is, Molly's pretty good at this Laughter Yoga thing. I did enjoy myself and she even makes you do this scale of measure where you record how you feel at the beginning of the session and after. Don't tell anyone, but I started out the session as a five and ended up being an eight. I assure you that me being an eight on any measure of fulfillment or general levity is quite rare. I told you that I'm a grumpy person. I thought I'd be uncomfortable doing activities with a room full of people. I wasn't. I thought I'd look silly. I didn't, and even if I did everyone else did as well. I was comfortable and at ease, and the activities were even fun. So, go check out Laughing with Molly, because you might end up being an eight yourself, or even a nine. Don't tell anyone, but I even enjoyed myself. Dare I say, you may enjoy yourself too.
5 star review of Laughing With Molly - Omaha, NE by Bryan