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Support a community project unlike any before

Cali Commons provides the Uncommon creatives in our community with the support, resources and collaborative inspiration they require to thrive. Our Uncommon Core will work together to launch engaging local products, services and experiences to grow their own sustainable creative income. Your support will help them to succeed and in-turn reshape our shared community.
Cali Commons exists to activate our community’s LOCAL creative professionals by providing:
  1. Resources to create independent revenue streams for Uncommon Core members
  2. An access point to engage our members for new projects and commissions
  3. A space for community interaction, professional collaboration and creative cooperation
  4. A sustainable model for creating “placeable” location specic economic development
How will this benefit the community? Our Uncommon Members will get access to much needed resources like space, technology and human resources. Our community will get to participate in the process of taking ideas from concept through execution. We will be able to see local innovation happen and vote locally by directly investing in our creative talent.

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518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 513-2321