518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 513-2321

When: Saturday, February 8th from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.
Where: Cali Commons, 518 N 40th St (on the southwest corner of 40th and California)

What:  Come see a new (but temporary) mural by Luke and Molly (and friends), plus a sampling of our other work. You’ll also have the chance to participate in our crowdfunding project by buying art and other things at great prices, while helping us raise the capital needed to make some building improvements to Cali Commons. The event is free and refreshments will be provided.

We want Cali Commons to be an awesome art gallery and co-working space, but also a place where fun, creative things happen – anything from art and yoga classes, to private events, to performances and other activities that benefit the community. The faster we raise the money to make some improvements to the building, the faster Cali Commons can reach its full potential!

Below, you’ll find a list of items that will be for sale at the event, and a list of our priority improvement projects, so you’ll know how we’re going to spend the money. There’s also an FAQ.

Can’t make it to the event? Certain items can be purchased ahead of time online. You’ll even have the opportunity to chip in some money without getting anything in return, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Make a contribution online!

For Sale at the Event

  • $5 – Luke and Molly magnet
  • $15 – Coupon for 50% off a Luke and Molly painting to be used at a later date (not valid on commissioned works)
  • $25 – Surprise by mail! We’ll mail you something really cool – could be a drawing, or a small painting, or something we haven’t even invented yet. Mailing address required.
  • $40 – Custom drawing by Luke and Molly, with accompanying stop-motion video of the process on YouTube (see an example here)
  • $50 – Cali Commons rental for private event on an evening or weekend, up to 3 hours, subject to availability (Regular price $100)
  • $50 – Any paper painting by Luke and Molly on display at the event (Regular price $125)
  • $100 – Any small canvas painting by Luke and Molly on display at the event (Regular price $200 – 300)
  • $200 – Any large canvas painting by Luke and Molly on display at the event (Regular price $350 – 500)
  • $250 – Luke and Molly painting performance for a local private event, 1 hour+, includes 6 paper paintings which you can keep, sell, or raffle off at your event (Regular price $500)
  • $250 – Private cooperative painting class for 10-12 participants, supplies included (Regular price $500)

Possible Improvement Projects

  • Minor restroom remodel ($300 – 600) Remove bathtub, put door on restroom, add locked storage for co-workers where tub is now.
  • Kitchenette remodel ($500 – $1000) Reconfigure counter space, remove extra sinks, add cabinets.
  • Improved lighting in gallery ($1,000 – $2000) Remove fluorescent lights, put original light fixtures back up, add track spot lighting for artwork.
  • Projector, screen, and sound system ($1000-$1200) Add a collapsible screen to the west wall of the gallery, a ceiling mounted projector, and sound system.
  • Boost curb appeal (Cost to be determined) Add awnings and signage, fix cracked sidewalks, add landscaping.
  • Replace carpet (Cost to be determined) Remove current carpeting and replace with a nicer flooring solution.
  • Add parking lot (Cost to be determined) Add additional parking on the west side of the building


What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Our project is to make some improvements to Cali Commons. Since we aren’t into doing things the “typical” way, we are holding a crowdfunding event, rather than raising the money online. (Although you can participate online if you’d like!)

Is Cali Commons a nonprofit?
No. While we aren’t exactly making a profit yet, we do intend to at some point, and we do not have plans for Cali Commons to become a nonprofit organization. Your contributions to our building improvement fund are not donations, but rather investments in a space that we hope will be good for the community. Plus, this is a chance for you to get some great deals on artwork and other stuff!

Can I attend the event if I don’t buy anything? Is there a charge to get in?
The event is free, and there is no obligation to contribute to the project. We’d love to have you come see our artwork (including the new mural), enjoy some complimentary food and drinks, and chat with us!

What is Cali Commons?
Cali Commons refers to the commercial space at 518 N 40th St, a former grocery store in the Joslyn Castle neighborhood. The space is currently used as an art gallery and co-working space, and has private offices rented out. We hope to expand to include classes, performances, and other events. You can learn more here.

Who are Luke and Molly?
Luke Armstrong and Molly Nicklin are the owners of Cali Commons. We also live in the apartment upstairs. We’ve been doing collaborative paintings and performances together since 2006. More information about our artistic endeavors can be found here.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept cash, credit/debit cards, and checks.

What’s the deal with the mural?
Luke and Molly started the mural at the end of January. During our New Year’s party, we invited our friends to join in, using permanent marker. Later, Luke and Molly added paint to tie the mural together and complete it. In the future, we plan to have guest artists do temporary murals in the same location.

Can I spread the word about this event on Facebook?
Of course! Visit our event page to RSVP and invite others.

518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
(402) 513-2321