518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131
Luke Armstrong (aka Luc Amstrong)
Omaha, NE

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Recent Work Experience

Designer / Strategic Director / Founder
RenMind (Aug 2010 – Present)
RenMind started as a solo project, but has expanded to include a collective of polymaths.  Most often we design and develop custom web solutions for organizations. In 2014, we started combining several of our R&D projects into a single software tool initially dubbed RenMind Network. This product, now referred to as Common.Network has become our flagship software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for managing content driven marketing websites enabled with email marketing, as well as special apps that help communities of users post information, capture leads and collect funds. 
  • Managed more than 25,000 combined hours of research, design and development for more than 10 different web based applications
  • Managed the production of dozens of local websites for local companies, governments and non-profits
  • Managed staff 8 employees including full-time content production, design and development staff
  • Managed systems, content and delivery for more than 2 million emails
  • Managed specs, wireframes and design for Common.Network an all-in-one marketing platform
  • Designed marketing case studies on Common.Network for clients involving mail, social media and email
In 2018 we’ve decided to rebrand our platform and relaunch under the brandname Common.Network. In practice you could think of Common.Network as a micro social media network built for user communities, a bit like Facebook but more distributed. Imagine if the data Facebook collected was owned, and accessible by each local company in it’s own channel and the service was managed by a local agency, franchisor or association who’d manage the whole custom branded community.  As a user you’d mostly operate publicly with no information being collected.  Only you can choose to provide your contact information to a companies Public Channel.
Our Common.Network tools help local users/organizations communicate on their own Public Channel(s):
  • Publish messages to share across social media networks
  • Acquire new connections (contacts) through commonly understood lead capture devices like coupons, contests and landing pages
  • Solicit past customers to provide you with fresh reviews to automatically build confidence from new prospects
  • Send out email messages to promote posts, provide special messages
  • Collect direct feedback from mass email messages
  • Analyze statistics to identify opportunities
Our community managers help users on their own Private Label(s):
  • Manage access to a custom branded network with 1-1000’s of user channels
  • Control templates and styles for consistent email branding and messaging across your Label
  • Add and delete accounts as you choose
  • Log in and switch accounts quickly to help clients with their digital marketing efforts
  • Charge for usage/support fees directly through our systems to be on their Private Label
  • Automatically get new software apps and features as they become available to the community
Designer / Executive Director / Co-Founder
Cali Commons (Sep 2013 – Present)
Cali Commons is a place to learn, grow and change your community through the combination of business, art and communications. This winter we are launching an appeal for our Uncommon Core membership.  Our 40 members will create projects, products, services and experiences.  Cali Commons provides space and resources needed to encourage community members to work collaboratively to develop a vision and execution of self-directed work and life goals.
  • Led four years of iterative, marketplace driven “place” design, copy and technology for Cali Commons brand
  • Oversaw the research and experimentation to define Cali Commons community member resources and story
  • Managed event creation, marketing, email and social media promotion
  • Managed training for four part-time staff members
  • Assisted with filing for 501c3 application
Web & Marketing Specialist
National Property Inspections, Inc. (June 2005 – August 2010)
National Property Inspections, Inc. is a Franchise 500 company which sells property inspection franchises.  Their franchisees operate in over 200 locations across the U.S. and Canada.  The marketing department provides a wide array of services similar to an in-house advertising agency.  As a Web and Marketing Specialist my roles include marketing strategy, marketing consultation, art direction, graphic design, copywriting, and web design and development.
  • Contribute to a marketing team that creates sales strategies and marketing materials for our franchisees and also for us the franchisor.
  • Consult with individual franchisees about web and print based advertising.
  • Use the Adobe Creative Suite to create and manage consistent design across multiple brands: National Property Inspections (NPI) in the US and Global Property Inspections (GPI) in Canada.
  • Write and edit copy as required for brochures, flyers, websites, emails, and other marketing materials.
  • Manage quotes, production, and inventory for printed materials.
  • Manage Google Analytics and assist with Google Adwords campaigns.
  • Research and design universal solutions for web and print materials (materials that can be customized by different franchisees with diverse computer systems)
  • Provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) consultation for NPI/GPI websites.
  • Work as part of a team to conceptualize, design, and maintain a portal based CMS (Content Management System) that allows each NPI or GPI franchisee to have control over his/her own website.
  • Use HTML, PHP, JS, and CSS to prototype widgets and microsites for franchisees.
  • Within one year, took control of all externally designed marketing materials, which paid for my position and allowed for future growth in the department.
  • Unified brand across print items and created systems for consistent branding.
  • Doubled the number of print items available to franchisees while reducing the individual cost of each item by an average of 40%.
  • Created microsites and widgets like ReachReviews.com that saves each of our franchisees $50-$100/mo. over alternate services.
Designer / President / Co-Founder
BST Marketing / Franchise Loop (April 2007 – January 2009)
In 2007 National Property Inspections, Inc. started a division called BST Marketing.  Franchise Loop was developed as a web based pay-per-lead franchise directory.
  • Research competition and create flexible plans for development including wireframes and initial layouts for FranchiseLoop.com
  • Manage programmer to produce on budget alpha and beta site launches
  • Design and write copy for Franchise Loop marketing materials including logo, business cards, direct mail packages, and email marketing campaigns.
  • Manage content creation for website blog with on-staff writers.
  • Execute SEO and SEM strategies including pay-per-click campaign with Google Adwords.
  • Conduct weekly meetings with sales representatives to develop marketing strategies and refine our website offering.
  • Sold over 20 contracts with franchisors in our first year.
  • Attracted more than 2000 visitors per month.
Designer / Strategic Director / Founder
Cre8s (December 2003 – August 2010)

Cre8s began as a freelance design and development agency.  Worked with small agencies, startups and small businesses, working directly with them to create sales collateral, marketing prototypes and production for both web and print.  
  • Provide guidance and services to local clients on a wide array of marketing topics including sales sheets, identity, branding, direct mail, web design, web development, local search, SEO, and SEM.
  • Test contemporary marketing methodologies using an accelerated prototyping process.
  • Market Cre8s packaged products and processes — $99/Logo Package, $39/HTML Website Template Packages [CD or Download]
Buena Vista University (Storm Lake, IA): B.A. Art — Minors in Business & Mass Communications (1999-2003)
Early Work Experience
Customer Support Agent
Werner Enterprises (2004-2005)
Answer support calls from truck drivers who were in need of a log compliance checkup and safety protocol.  Write training manuals for new agents.  Assistant log auditor for 3 months.
Faculty Assistant / Mailroom Staff
Buena Vista University  (1999-2003)
Perform web design and development for the Art and Communications Department, Faculty Fusion, David Boelter, Mary Mello-Nee, and Susanne Gubanc
Work-study - Mailroom services
Service Agent / Summer Intern
Rock County Telephone Co. (2001)
Cable television service maintenance, preform cable audits, clean and rebuild phones
Line Cook & Prep Chef
Baileys Bistro (2000)
Responsibilities:  Line Cook, Prep Chef
Floor Covering Installer
Town & Country Warehouse Carpets (1996-2000, 2003)
Laying carpet, linoleum, and tile
Shipping & Receiving Agent
Husker Total Power, Inc. (1999)
Handle shipping and receiving for Isuzu distributor with additional sales and inventory duties
Professional Development
Startup Collaborative, Omaha (2017, 2018)
Community Leadership Institute - NeighborWorks America, Los Angeles (2017)
Action Coach, Omaha (2016, 2017)
BarCamp, Omaha (2009, 2012, 2013, 2014)
BigOmaha, Omaha (2010, 2011, 2012)
NPI/GPI Annual Conference, Omaha (2005-2011)
Thinc Iowa, Des Moines (2011)
Stack Creative Unconference, Omaha (2011)
Startup Weekend, Omaha (2010, 2011)
Highlight Midwest, Omaha (2010)
Young Professionals Summit, Omaha (2009, 2010)
PUBCon: Search Marketing Conference, Las Vegas (2007)
Volunteer Service

Marketing Chair / Organizing Board member
Year of the Startup (Apr 2014 – Mar 2015)

Year of the Startup, a non-profit organization, is a breakthrough model for economic and community development. We provide free and shared housing for early stage entrepreneurs for a full year. Our savings requirement allows resident entrepreneurs to save up to $10,000 to start the business of their dreams. The year-long experience immerses “startup fellows” in an entrepreneurial sub-ecosystem designed to foster collaboration, mentorship, experimentation, innovation, learning by doing, and firm creation. The YOTSU team believes that the promotion of entrepreneurship should be emphasized and made more accessible to all. Moreover, we champion the proliferation of entrepreneurial thinking and seek to ensure the encouragement of sustainable and socially conscious business models and practices.
Board Member
Friends of Art, Department of Art and Art History at UNO (Aug 2013 – Present)

Friends of Art (FOA) serves as an advisory/support group to the University of Nebraska at Omaha Department of Art and Art History. Its function is to assist in the identification and development of programs to maintain, enhance, and expand the visual arts mission in education, in the community, and in the field of art. Specific areas of concentration include collaborative community efforts, educational enhancements, resource development, program advocacy, public relations, and increased visibility for UNO’s visual arts program. In 2013 / 2014 I was the Publicity Chair, in 2017 / 2018 I am the Membership Chair.
Business Board Member
Josyln Castle Neighborhood Association (Oct 2013 – Present)
Joined the Jostlyn Castle Neighborhood Association to support our neighborhood and business activities with both Cali Commons and RenMind.
Software Proficiency

OS - Mac, PC, Ubuntu, Porteous Kiosk
Production - Adobe Creative Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, Premier, Audition
Screen capture / share - Camtasia, SnagIt, TeamViewer, GoToMeeting, LogMeIn
Code Editors - Sublime Text, Notepad++
Web Languages –  HTML, CSS, PHP, JS
Microsoft – Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access
Web Platforms –  RenMind CCMS, RenMind Network, Wordpress, DotNetNuke
System Admin - Plesk, C-Panel, AWS, Ubuntu
2017 Group - Game of Arts, Random Arts Omaha, Spielbound, Omaha, NE, April
2017 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Witter Gallery, Storm Lake, IA, March
2017 Solo - Elastic Time, Virtual, ElasticTime.me, June
2016 Group - Alumni Show, Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, IA, October
2016 Group - Paper, Random Arts Omaha, Cali Commons, Omaha, NE, May
2016 Group - sweetARTs, Random Arts Omaha, RNG Gallery, Council Bluffs, IA, February
2015 Solo - Art is a Product, Cali Commons, Omaha, NE, March
2015 Solo - Change Paces, Virtual, ChangePaces.com, March
2014 Solo - Art is for Everyone, Cali Commons, Omaha, NE, March
2014 Group - Evening of Art, Weber Fine Arts Gallery, Omaha, NE, May
2008 Group - Alumni Show, Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, IA, August
2007 Group - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Dundee Gallery, Omaha, NE, April
2006 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Adaptation and Realization, PS Collective, Omaha, NE, March
2003 Duo - Luke Armstrong & Deenna Jensen: James Arthur Vineyard, Lincoln, NE, May
2003 Solo - Luke Armstrong: Intrinsic Abstraction, Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, IA, April
2003 Jurried - 13th Biennial Iowa Student Competitive Exhibition, NIACC, Mason City, IA, March
2002 Solo - Luke Armstrong: Kaleidoscope 123 Gallery, Bassett, NE, August
2000 Group - Invitational Summer Show: Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, IA, June
Organizing Exhibitions

2015 Special Committee: Art Slam+, UNO Friends of Art, Omaha, NE, April
2002 Juror & Organizer: Three O’clock Soda Show, Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, IA, December

2017 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Witter Gallery, Storm Lake, IA, March
2017 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Cali Commons, Omaha, NE, February
2016 Solo - Noticed and Noticing, Joslyn Castle, Omaha, NE, August
2016 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Joslyn Castle Neighborhood Association, Clarkson Park, Omaha, NE, June
2015 Solo - Art is an Experience, Cali Commons, Omaha, NE, August
2014 Solo - Confronting Fear / Spiritual Quest for Understanding, Peru, August
2014 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Benson First Friday w/ The Love Technicians, Omaha Yoga & Bodywork Center, Omaha, NE March
2013 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, ARTsarben, Omaha, NE, September
2013 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Jake's Block Party, Omaha, NE, September
2013 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Benson First Friday w/ All Young Girls Are Machine Guns, Luke & Molly Studio, Omaha, NE, August
2013 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Benson First Friday w/ Fizzle Like A Flood, Luke & Molly Studio, Omaha, NE, July
2013 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Benson First Friday w/ Bret Vovk - Underwater Dream Machine, Luke & Molly Studio, Omaha, NE, June
2013 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Benson First Friday w/ John Klemmensen and the Party, Luke and Molly Studio, Omaha, NE, May
2013 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Benson First Friday w/ The Love Technicians, Luke and Molly Studio, Omaha, NE, April
2012 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Dreaming, Diamond on 16th, Omaha, NE, May
2010 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Victoria Gardens, Omaha, NE, September
2009 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Art fair, Crossroads Mall, Omaha, NE, October
2009 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Aces Presentation & Performance, The Underground, Storm Lake, IA, April
2008 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Blue Flamingo, Omaha, NE, July
2008 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Unspoken Connections, Nomad Lounge, Omaha, NE May
2008 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Benefit for Heather, Saddle Creek Bar, Omaha, NE, April
2008 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, New Ways/New Works Festival, University of Nebraska Omaha, Omaha, NE, March
2007 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Blue Flamingo, Omaha, NE, May
2006 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Lucity, Omaha Magic Theater, Omaha, NE, September
2006 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Synergy, Omaha Magic Theater, Omaha, NE, May
2006 Team - Luke Armstrong & Molly Nicklin, Adaptation and Realization, PS Collective, Omaha, NE, March
2018 "Providing Uncommon Creatives a Common Community", Sean Robinson / Omaha Magazine, Print/Online, February / March
2017 "At Omaha Community Playhouse, artists' work will be featured before 'Stupid F@#%ing Bird’ shows", Betsie Freeman / World-Herald, Online, October
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2013 Awesome is Possible: Luke and Molly — Performing Artists, AwesomeIsPossible.com, Blog, June
2002 Faces: Art & Literary Magazine, Storm Lake, IA, May
2001 Faces: Art & Literary Magazine, Storm Lake, IA, May

2017 Emergent Complexities in Infinite Spaces the Story / Cali Commons, Omaha, NE, September
2017 Hack your world with a bit of code - Coffee & Code, Aroma's, Omaha, NE, June
2017 The Startup Collaborative / Launch Event!, Slowdown, Omaha, NE, January
2017 RenMind - State of the Mind, Cali Commons, Omaha, NE, January
2016 “Local Media Networks” - Jump Start / Pitch contest, BH Media, Holland Performing Arts, Omaha, NE, October
2016 Let's talk about 'The Rules’, Omaha, NE, November
2016 The Luke and Molly Story, Cali Commons, Omaha, NE, June
2016 RenMind Wire - A Marketing Platform Built for You, National Property Inspections Annual Conference, Omaha, NE, November
2012 Advanced Marketing Tools, National Property Inspections Annual Conference, Omaha, NE, November 
2011 Get more business from the web, National Property Inspections Annual Conference, Omaha, NE, November 
Private Collections
Grants and Honors

Community Leadership Institute, NeighborWorks America 2017
Niobrara River Polar Bear Club 2004-2008, 2010
Ella Witter Fine Arts Scholarship 1999-2003
Deans Fellowship 1999-2003
J.R. Seifer Scholarship 1999-2003
ZZ White Leadership Scholarship 1999-2003
518 N 40th St
Omaha, NE 68131